We are the Rodas’, a crazy little family that does a lot. It feels we are always doing something or always on the go and our house reflects it. It’ is filled with whatver we have been doing, any sports, tritahlon gear, craft, and some dishes left in the sink, but once on a while we stop the craziness and give a good clean all around. We eat easy healthy meals, no prep food, no recipes just whatever is in the fridge, that can be cooked in 20 minutes or less. Of course we also indulge in the “not so healthy” foods, like Nutella, pizza and of course chocolate.
We are loud, yes, a latino married to a french Italian, is the prefect combination for a loud couple. We are both very passionate and stubborn people, so even while having a nice conversation, it may sounds loud to other people. It gets very interesting while we are mixing French, Spanish and English in a conversation. We try to be as efficient as we can and we borrow the easier or faster words from each language and mix them together quickly to get our points across.
Our girls are definitely our mini us, they can be lovable, kind and sweet to each other but also so impatient, proud and stubborn at the same time. Having said that, we are very proud of the amazing sister they are to each other.

a little bit about us


strattera buy online The Guatemalan


She has the biggest heart, a sweet, kind, quiet, and sensitive little girl that puts everybody else in front of her. She sees good everywhere. She is a very talented athlete who doesn't necessarily like competition but loves perfection, as long as she doesn't have to achieve it quickly.


The Frenchie


She is our feisty, funny, independent and crazy one, always trying to catch up with Emma while learning so much from her. She is very strong-minded, never scared to try almost anything. She speaks for her big sister, who sometimes needs it.

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