Agnes Creek Cabin and Lake AGnes

We rented Agnes Creek Cabin via Never Summer Nordic wesbite.

The cabin is located in the Colorado State Forest Park, on the lake Agnes Road. It’s one mile away from the lake and next to a mountain stream. The easy access to the cabin and the close by lake make it a perfect place for families to stay, even with little ones.

The cabin is defined as rustic, and it is, no electricity or water and you are in charge of cleaning for the group following you. But there is a lot included, like bed, toilet paper, wood, all kitchen accessories, charcoal grill and more…. So you are in charge of your bedding (rental possible), food and water. 

The road is easy to access, you ay need a 4 wheel drive for the few last yards but otherwise it’s very easy, just stop at the station for the passes, open few lock, and you are park just behind the cabin. 

Mosquitoes be aware

We got there around 6pm it was full on mosquito time, but we got all settle, ate dinner, and when it got cooler and the mosquitoes were gone, we explore the surrounding. The creek is few feet away, just like the bathooms, it’s very beautiful. Mosquitoes will be out at down and dusk, just make sure you bring bug repellent, and long sleeves.

During mosquitoes time, the girls played with Starlite app, books and Maya (our kitten)

Inside the Cabin


It is rustic but well furnished, cleaning depends on the company but might depends on the group before you, as youare suppose ti clean up, and I’d say for us the group before didn’t sweep, so it was defintely dusty and a lit of ant roaming around for the crumbs left. But we cleaned up and it was just an easy fix. 

Wildlife around

You are in the middle of a forest, and wildlife is part of the beauty, always check around for cute little animal and way bigger one, we got a moose right at the door on our first morning and a deer on the second one. They didn’t gave us any trouble, as soon as we made some noise they ran away, but bear, deer, and moose are your neighbors. We also read the sign at the pass station about a Moose and calf being sighted in the area. 

The girls know the rules and know that the louder they are when outside the less chance for them to face one of these animals. 

So they sing a lot, and talk loud, just making noise, no screaming though.

As we hike around the lake after a switch back we find ourselves few feet away from the mother and calf, we backed up and climb a rosky cliff to admire them from a safety spot. They just ley down on the forest and so we kept on moving back to the trail but far from them. 

We didn’t saw any bears during our stay.


Hike to Lake Agnes

The cabin has a little trail to take you to the trailhead, or you can also drive to the parking lot if needed. 

At the begining there is a stunning view from a meadow on the mountains. 

Then it’s an easy way up, with swicth back, for 1mile (maybe) to the lake. 

Then at the lake it’s just a beautiful place to just hang out, stop for lunch or snack, fish, just relax. 


Around the lake

We decided to explore the trail around the lake, it started with a marked easy to follow, shade under the trees.

Then you enter a more ricky area, and kinda have to make your own way around, if the water level is low you can probably walk all the way around but for us we had to kinda climb pretty steap rocky slopes. 

At the end it is a very easy family friendly hike. Absolutely beautiful. Our girls were super happy to find some snow, 

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