Boulder Ironman 2014 Bike Course Preview

Boulder Ironman 2014 Bike Course Preview

The Boulder Ironman Bike course will have a lot of surprises and the weather play a big roll on race day. This will be the biggest Ironman in the world in terms of competitors, so with my teammate Kenny Withrow we decided to create a video that shows the whole course in a matter of 3 minutes with pictures. That way you can get a feel of what the course looks like. If you want to follow the course you can download the map from here:
Boulder Bike Course PDF

buy zocor online without a prescription Since we started very early you can always see from the picture which direction we are going from where the sun and the mountains are (mountains are always west). We got some cloud cover towards the end but for the most part you can see the sun.

As you probably know the course will start at the Boulder Reservoir but end at the Boulder High School. There is only 4000 feet of elevation gain over the 112 miles, however you have to pay attention to the small climbs and long false flats, the course is harder than what it looks on paper. It will be hot, there is no shade at all, so make sure you are well hydrated. If you want to ride the course keep in mind that there is only 1 place where you can refill your water bottles. That is a gas station at mile 54. If you can't ride the course, you should definitely drive it, that way you can see the rollers on Colorado Boulevard coming south.

We hope all triathletes have a great race, be safe and see you August 3rd!

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