Conrad Rodas Ironman Canada finish

Ironman Canada Race Report 2015

Ironman Canada was my 3rd Ironman Triathlon, I had suffered through the first two because of cramps during the run, but the thought of quitting had never crossed my mind, especially not during the bike. Ironman Canada was different, I can recall at least 4 different times on the bike when I simply wanted to stop, go to my […]

Conrad Rodas Boulder 70.3 Ironman 2015

Ironman Boulder 70.3 Race Report

Leading up to the Race I can’t believe it’s almost July already, it has been raining so much in Boulder, it hasn’t felt like summer racing season yet. I was a little concerned as the whole week leading to the race it had been a little on the colder side, but at least the forecast […]

Conrad Rodas

Ironman Puerto Rico 70.3 Race Report

Starting with Ironman Puerto Rico 70.3 and I hope for every race from now on, I will write 2 different posts. One of race report and then a race review with recommendations, things I learned that nobody told me about or couldn’t find online. I hope this will be helpful for people wondering how the […]

2014 Ironman 70.3 Ironman Mont Tremblant Race Report

Preface This is the second part of my report of the 2014 Ironman 70.3 World Championships, if you’d like to catch up on the first part please click here . Before I tell you about the race there were so many people that I’d like to thank, who had a big influence and impact on […]

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Taking on the #icebucketchallenge

Today I was nominated by my friend and teammate Marty Rosethal to take on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, although he cheated a little. Let me explain why I think he cheated: once you take on the challenge and pour the ice bucket over your head you are allowed to nominate 3 people, he nominated 11 people. I guess if he donated not only to the ALS association, but also to 2 other organizations plus he will pay it forward by volunteering for the Athletes in Tandem foundation, he gets to nominate more than 3...I guess 🙂

On top of dumping ice water over my head, I will also donate to the ALS association, which before today I had no idea it existed. I think this challenge helps people like me understand the decease a little better and if this can help bring a little awareness to other people, I'm all for it.

Since I went through with the challenge I get to nominate 3 people:

1. Russell Herbert
2. Ryan Eatherly
3. Nils Lofgren

You now have 24 hours to take the challenge or pay $100 to the foundation. Link to donate page:
ALS Association Donation Page

Once you have completed the challenge you get to nominate 3 more people!

Boulder Ironman 2014 Conrad Rodas Bike Cervelo P3

Boulder Ironman 2014 Race Report

Preface The 2014 Boulder Ironman was my second Ironman triathlon. I trained quite a bit for it and the whole experience was amazing. The first question I get from a lot of people is: “Are you going to do another one?” My answer since I finished Boulder has been: “Absolutely”. But why? Here is my […]

Climbing Mount Bierstadt, our first 14er with 1 & 3 year old girls in Backpacks

Getting there When we moved to Colorado, we learned that there are 53 mountains that are 14,000 feet (4267 meters) or more in elevation. We know friends that have hiked some and we wanted to do the same. The problem for us is that when we moved to Colorado Christelle was pregnant with Sophie and […]

ironman triathlon Conrad Rodas

Boulder Ironman 70.3 Race (turned to hard training day) Report

It has been 4 months already since Panama 70.3, it feels like an eternity. I was hoping for Ironman Boulder 70.3 to be a good race for me in preparation for the full Boulder Ironman on August 3rd, but it was not to be. If you have been reading this blog you know that I […]

Alpe D’Huez and Les Deux Alpes Climb

The first time I visited Grenoble, was after I met my then girlfriend, now wife, Christelle. It was in 2006 right after I had graduated from the university. I was very young, naïve and dumb. I remember not liking France much; I couldn’t speak one word of French, even though I had taken 2 weeks […]

My first bike race (Time Trial)…that was not to be.

Ok, ok, I know that a Time Trial is not a real bike race, but (USAC) United States Cycling is the governing body that puts together this race and you don’t have to swim or run before or after the race, so in my book that is a bike race. This also means that I […]