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Lily Lake Hike, Colorado. Perfect family trail

Lily Lake Lily Lake Panorama West Side of Lily Lake Getting Started One of the reasons we moved to Colorado was to experience the outdoors. We are very lucky that within an hour or so drive we have excellent hikes that we can enjoy. Christelle has done an excellent job of finding family friendly hikes. […]

My First Ironman (training)

Last post was a little teaser of my experience from my first Ironman. Today I will write about the lessons learned, experiences and how I started training. Going through the training and completing the race is what really got me really hooked in the sport of triathlon. I know it is not easy to get […]

Starting to Blog and starting in Ironman Triathlons

Why I started Blogging I am brand new at blogging, so please be patient as I learn about this new world. The decision to start, didn’t come easy, I thought about it for quite some time and had to justify it somehow. Finally I came up with 4 main reasons: 1. Better way of remembering. […]

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2014 Ironman Panama 70.3 Race Report

Intro This is my first post, I hope you enjoy it, feel free to leave comments also. Before I went to Panama I was most scared of the heat, I kept checking the weather, even twice daily, thinking that maybe it would go down, but even 10 days out it showed 94 degrees every day. […]