70.3 Boulder Race Report (behind the camera)

I didn’t race Boulder 70.3, but I was out there. I didn’t cross the finish line, but I was at the finish line. I ran, biked, got wet, but didn’t have a race number. I was exhausted at the end but didn’t get a medal or T-shirt, so what did I do? I took videos […]

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Ironman Puerto Rico 70.3 Race Report

Starting with Ironman Puerto Rico 70.3 and I hope for every race from now on, I will write 2 different posts. One of race report and then a race review with recommendations, things I learned that nobody told me about or couldn’t find online. I hope this will be helpful for people wondering how the […]

Conrad Rodas Ironman 70.3 World Championships

Ironman 70.3 World Championships Mont Tremblant 2014

Mont Tremblant There is so much I want to write about this trip, that I have split it in two, the first post (this one), I’ll talk about the experience of getting to a World Championship race and everything leading to the race. In the second post I’ll talk about the race (race report). I […]

Louisville Ironman HWY 1694 Preview

Today I had the opportunity to ride some of the Louisville Ironman course. Once I got to 1694 I decided to make a video to share with everyone, so that in case you have never ridden or driven the course this can give you a quick glance of my favorite part of the 112 ride. I am luck enough that when I visit Louisville, I have a good friend that lets me borrow his awesome TT (Time Trial) bike, his name is TT (Tim Thomas) which matches perfectly.

If you have read my blog from the beginning you know that Louisville was my first Ironman, and actually is the race that got me hooked into triathlon. This will be the last year that will be held in August, and the weather looks to be very mild next Sunday August 24th. Next year they will have the race in October, which means that it will become a very popular Ironman, even more than what it already is.

1. Colder weather, which means faster times and more finishers
2. Right after Kona, which means that a lot of people are going to try to qualify early.
3. Longer to prepare for it, which means that it will be a more competitive race.

For now, enjoy the video and I hope that if you are competing in the Louisville Ironman, you enjoy these 10 miles as much as I did.

About the Video

Once you get out of the water and you are on your bike, you'll be on River Road for a while, you will turn into HWY 42. After about 2 miles you have a nice climb, after that the rolling hills start until you get to Highway 1694, here you take a ride. This is from where I started the video, as you can see there are signs already showing that the Ironman will be next week. For me this is my favorite part of the whole course, it is the fastest 10 miles of the whole course, plus it is completely covered by trees, so even if it was sunny you could get some cover in these 10 miles. Once you start to climb after the descent, yes you will be off your saddle most likely, but there will be people running next to you yelling and cheering for you, so this little stretch goes by very quickly. At the top, you will ride for maybe 1 mile and you will do a 180 degree turn, here you will have the second aid station and it's the only one where you can usually grab things going in both directions. This is depending how they set everything up, but when I did it, it was perfect. Once you leave the volunteers behind you will get to do it all over again. nnI hope this video gives you a little preview of what you can expect next weekend. Have a great race everyone!

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Taking on the #icebucketchallenge

Today I was nominated by my friend and teammate Marty Rosethal to take on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, although he cheated a little. Let me explain why I think he cheated: once you take on the challenge and pour the ice bucket over your head you are allowed to nominate 3 people, he nominated 11 people. I guess if he donated not only to the ALS association, but also to 2 other organizations plus he will pay it forward by volunteering for the Athletes in Tandem foundation, he gets to nominate more than 3...I guess 🙂

On top of dumping ice water over my head, I will also donate to the ALS association, which before today I had no idea it existed. I think this challenge helps people like me understand the decease a little better and if this can help bring a little awareness to other people, I'm all for it.

Since I went through with the challenge I get to nominate 3 people:

1. Russell Herbert
2. Ryan Eatherly
3. Nils Lofgren

You now have 24 hours to take the challenge or pay $100 to the foundation. Link to donate page:
ALS Association Donation Page

Once you have completed the challenge you get to nominate 3 more people!

Boulder Ironman 2014 Bike Course Preview

The Boulder Ironman Bike course will have a lot of surprises and the weather play a big roll on race day. This will be the biggest Ironman in the world in terms of competitors, so with my teammate Kenny Withrow we decided to create a video that shows the whole course in a matter of […]

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Boulder Ironman 70.3 Race (turned to hard training day) Report

It has been 4 months already since Panama 70.3, it feels like an eternity. I was hoping for Ironman Boulder 70.3 to be a good race for me in preparation for the full Boulder Ironman on August 3rd, but it was not to be. If you have been reading this blog you know that I […]

Alpe D’Huez and Les Deux Alpes Climb

The first time I visited Grenoble, was after I met my then girlfriend, now wife, Christelle. It was in 2006 right after I had graduated from the university. I was very young, naïve and dumb. I remember not liking France much; I couldn’t speak one word of French, even though I had taken 2 weeks […]

My first bike race (Time Trial)…that was not to be.

Ok, ok, I know that a Time Trial is not a real bike race, but (USAC) United States Cycling is the governing body that puts together this race and you don’t have to swim or run before or after the race, so in my book that is a bike race. This also means that I […]

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Lily Lake Hike, Colorado. Perfect family trail

Lily Lake Lily Lake Panorama West Side of Lily Lake Getting Started One of the reasons we moved to Colorado was to experience the outdoors. We are very lucky that within an hour or so drive we have excellent hikes that we can enjoy. Christelle has done an excellent job of finding family friendly hikes. […]