Les aventures de Maya


 I am Maya, a got rescued from the Humane society when I was almost 3months.I was very skittish and not the most friendly, but my new daily believed in me and adopted me anyway. 

After few days of hiding, and showing teeth, and my ears back I slowly started to trust them, and became a little more friendly.

They realized after few days that I was sick with worms, and took me to the vet, I got antiobiotic and this was the beignning of the new kitten I became. I started eating a lot, like a LOT, and play a lot too! I was feeling better and was able to be a kitten full of craziness and joy.

Then we got a little bounding time in the Mountains, this was it, since then I can’t spent much time away from them, unless I am napping.

My family loves adventures and have been taking me with them to explore the world out there, follow me on Instagram : @lesaventuresdemaya and read my Human blog to see our adventures. 


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