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It was found that theassembly of the adaptor molecule was necessary for the development of innate Tregs in thethymus, but not adaptive Tregs that originate from the peripheral circulation.

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I have always loved wood work, I made my own flower plant, my own colorado flag and few extra things for friends, but making your own sign with friends over a drink and some dinner is totaly different. 

I met Cynthia, via a mom group, I bought maxy dresses from her, when I arrived at her house I saw the wood signs and was very curious. She then open the door and we startd to chat and she explained me that she is the owner of Cozy Barn, a studio at her house, organizing events for anyone to come and make their own sign. 

I was very excited about it, I have been looking for an excuse to plan a mom night out, I don’t really plan many nights out, I am always looking for a good excuse, something that I cannot do often, like a restaurnats or a coffee to go out with my mama friends. 

I decided to book a session few days after we met, and one of my friends was able to join me. 

Before the session I messaged Cynthia to see if I could change a little bit one of her signs. I wanted her world map but with My Last name on it instead of the quote. She was so nice and so helpful, figuring out how to make it work. 

The Studio is absolutely beautiful, charming and cozy. The tables are ready for participants to start. Cynthia will have places all of your wooden pieces, and stencil, with you name written on the table clothes.

What I really love was that you have to actually make your own sign, some other places have the wood already sanded and painted together, and I feel you loose the idea of making your own sigh.

So first you have to sand, and choose the side or you plank and how they will all be put together.

You can choose how all the beauty of each pieces of wood will reflect on your sign.

Then you will paint each plank separately, one of mine for some reason would not absorb as much as the other the white paint it was my top plank, after all chatting about that, we came up with the idea to maybe at the bottom, and indeed you couldnt tell the difference now. It was a group idea of ladies that I never met before, but we were all chatting and having fun. Cynthia also offered that if I wasn’t really happy she can always switch the board, but the fact to move it to the bottom look better than before, so I was very pleased 

After painting you get to use a drill to attatch a piece of wood that will keep in place your planks. You can also paint those on the side if you think that it will be seen whne hanging in your house.

Then come the most fun and streesful time, applying the stencil and painting what design you choosed.

I had no idea what I was doing, I just wanted to try something with mixing colors, looking with the stencil and the paint I really wasn’t sure I made the right choice. Everyone was anxious to see what it will look like.

I was very happy with the look when I removed the stencil but I felt something was missing, Cynthia and the rest of the group was feeling the same, so we decided to try few things on her laptop, and adding our Family name and date, look perfect. Cynthua was just amazing, print my next stencil and I finished just on time before it was very late.

Thank you Cynthia for an amazing night, it was very fun and I love the sign.