Summer Reading Program

Our Local Library offers a lot during the school year and during summer. We are lucky to have such an amazing library here in Longmont. 

To keep the girls mostly into reading books, I signed them up for the Summer Reading program (it’s free and open to all).

There is 2 levels:

-Preschool (Sophie)

-K and up (Emma)

You have to fill up the square, with Library events, reading books, going to the park or a museum. It’s a fun way to keep track and making sure to keep your summer fun and keeping kids engaged.

At the end of Level 1, kids gets a 4$ coupon to buy a book at a Local used Bookstore, a little toy to pick from the bin and a pass to an amusement park. 

The girls were very excited to pick a little Koala as a bookmark, and with their 8$ were able to get 5 used books (including a spanish one!!) We still have to go to the amusement park.

Now we are working toward getting the second level done

Thank you for the city of Longmont for a great summer program.. 

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